Jupiter Will Be 2 Times Closer Than Ever To Earth! Here's What You Need to Do to See the Giant Planet

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The giant planet Jupiter will be almost 2 times closer to Earth than normal in the coming days. So how can you observe this event, which took place for the first time in 59 years?

Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System, will be closer to Earth in the coming days than it has been in 59 years. The planet, which is normally 965 million kilometers away from Earth on average, will be only about 590 million kilometers away from us in this century-old event that will take place on September 26.

Moreover, according to NASA scientist Adam Kobelski, people with good binoculars will be able to observe three or four moons of the giant planet along with Jupiter. The biggest requirement to make this observation is that any equipment you use will be on a fixed foot.

What should you have to see Jupiter with your eyes?

Those who want to go beyond just seeing Jupiter as a shape will need a telescope, according to Kobelski. While it is reported that telescopes of 4 inches and above will be the best observation tool, it is recommended to use green and blue filters to improve the observation experience alongside this telescope. If you have all this, you can see Jupiter along with the famous 'Great Red Spot'.

So what's the best time and place for observations?

According to Kobelski, observing Jupiter will be possible over the course of several days before and after September 26. While the exact day on which the best observation can be made will not be determined, the place and condition where the observation will be best made will be a place above sea level and dark and dry conditions.

We can expect amateur and professional observers to share their experiences with Jupiter and new vivid photos of the planet in the coming days.

So what makes Jupiter so close for the first time in 59 years?

Jupiter can be observed brighter and larger than Earth every 13 months. But the event that makes the coming days unmissable will take place thanks to the fact that the Earth and Jupiter do not rotate in a full circle around the Sun. The orbits of the planets around the Sun will intersect so closely with each other for the first time in 59 years.