The book that predicted the sinking of the Titanic 14 years ago, almost exactly: Wreck of the Titan

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"yes yes I found it, I finally found a big story, there must have been a big ship crashing; as big as the titans from the time of olympos. of course, his name had to be titan..."

I don't think you said that when you decided to write this book, but some of you have guessed who I will talk about; morgan robertson, of course. let's talk a little about yourself; his full name is Morgan Andrew Robertson, and he is a writer of short stories and novels who was born and died in America.

                                            Morgan Robertson

in fact, if we were to put a nickname for himself, the name nostradamus would not be in vain. While writing short stories and novels of his own, one day in 1898 he came up with an interesting story and came up with a novel called futility or the wreck of the titan. this story tells the story of a major shipwreck. probably because his father was a ship captain in the Great Lakes of America.

Let's briefly summarize the plot of the story. in the book; The titan, a ship, was the largest ship to float and the greatest work of men. no expense was spared to make the ship luxurious, even the attendants' cabin was described as equal to that of a first-class hotel. The construction of the titan used state-of-the-art steel systems, including 19 waterproof compartments. Even when 19 compartments were flooded, the ship would still float, and no known naval event could have worn it down. The titan, a steamship, was considered practically unsinkable. Since the titan was considered unsinkable, it only carried the minimum number of lifeboats required by law, and these boats could carry 24-500 people. but this was not enough for 2000 passengers. Morgan Robertson's titan hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sank. 2987 people died in the disaster.

Yes, Morgan Robertson wrote this story 14 years before the sinking of the ship Titanic. When the titanic sank in 1912, he was even accused of using this situation.

Let's look at the incredible similarities between the real story.

* in the story the name of the ship was titan, and in the real case, the name of the ship was titanik.

* both ships were sailing from England - in the story the route was liverpool/newyor - in the real case the route was southampton - new york.

* both were advancing along the north atlantic line, and disaster occurred here in both.

* The scandalous causes of both are excessive speed—hitting the iceberg—enough lifeboats.

*The disaster that occurred on both ships took place in April—the collision for the titanic on April 14, 1912, at 11:40 a.m.

*both ships were labeled as unsinkable.

*titan was 800 feet long, while titanic was 882.5 feet long.

*Both ships were made of state-of-the-art steel alloy.

* The titanic had 19 waterproof compartments, while the titanic had 16 waterproof compartments.

*titan weighed 45000 tons-titanic weighed 52,310 tons.

*both ships had 3 propellers.

*The titanic had 24 lifeboats – the titanic had 16 normal lifeboats, plus 4 folding lifeboats.

*The number of survivors in the titan was 13 and in the titanic there were 710 survivors.