The Most Famous Female Alchemist Who Invented Benmari: Maria Prophetissima (Maria the Jewess)

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Maria prophetissima... It means "prophet maria" in Latin. it is also known as the Jewish maria (maria hebraea). The early gnostic and alchemist is mentioned in the works of Zosimos of Panopolis, and according to the information given by Zosimos, she was a female alchemist who lived in Alexandria in the 3rd century AD.

He also invented a number of tools that he used in his alchemical studies. the most commonly known of these tools is bain-marie. (fr. bain marie: marie's bathroom). He invented a three-armed instrument called tribicos, which was used to obtain purified substances by distillation, and this instrument is still used today in chemistry laboratories. In his writings (quoted by zosimos), mary recommended that the copper or bronze used to make the tubes be the thickness of a frying pan, and that the connections between the tubes and the immobile head be sealed with flour paste.

Another tool called kerotakis, invented by Mary, is an object used to heat substances used in alchemy and collect vapors. it is an airtight container with copper plate on the upper side. When properly functioning, it creates a tight vacuum in all joints. The use of such sealed vessels in the hermetic arts later led to the term "hermetically sealed", which was widely used in industry.

Maria also established the principle of the axiom of maria, which is accepted as one of the basic rules of alchemy.